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Web & Application Design UX/UI

Working with the Boeing Creative Services group to Lead, plan and execute the build out of large scale digital engagements. Helped to establish and develop a UX practice inside of Creative Services.

Digital Rebrand &
Responsive Website

Admin & Dashboard Tools



Mobile Sites

Print & Design Work

I concentrate mostly on digital work, but I do have experience with print work as well.


I am a UX & UI Design Director with extensive experience concepting and designing digital, interactive and multimedia applications. I have a fine arts background and a master’s degree in Industrial design. For me it’s all about the aesthetics and the functionality. It has to be simple, beautiful and easy to understand. I get excited by complex UX problems and intricate application design. Working with a technology team is as rewarding as working with my own design teams. I’ve designed and directed everything from enterprise products, large scale responsive websites, mobile & digital applications to global rebrands, as well as online and print advertising.